Why Marketing By Marlow?

In the words of clients…

Web Design

Scott was so helpful in helping us think through how to build the most efficient, functional site possible. I am a stickler for design, and was highly impressed by Scott’s ability to build a site that carefully and thoughtfully rendered our graphic artist’s vision. I could count my edits upon first review of the built site on one hand. Thanks so much!

Alaina Smith


hiring Scott was one of the best decisions I’ve made as the Club’s director…

Chuck Ayers, executive director, Cascade Bicycle Club

Sponsorship Consulting

Scott is a fantastic resource. He worked with us to develop a strong Tour de Cure marketing plan that identified where and how to promote our fundraising ride. His advice played a part in increasing our ridership 30% year on year.

Andy Wilmer, fund raising director, American Diabetes Association

Event Promotion

I can’t overstate how valuable it was to have Scott leading our Fourth Annual Auction team. This event requires intense coordination, thoughtful donor cultivation, and strategic decision-making at every point in the process. Scott’s clear vision and professional management of staff, volunteers, and donors made for an incredibly successful event – grossing over $50,000 – an 88% increase over 2005. Scott is reliable, dependable, and, even when things get hectic, is a pleasure to work with.

Dara Ayres, former executive director, Bike Works